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I'm a Consultant Dietitian, Therapist, Personal Trainer, Educator and Mummy with a love for nature. 

My favourite things ... freshly baked bread, birkenstock sandals (I even got married in them), dungarees, the ocean, the first sip of freshly brewed coffee and morning sunrises.

I live on a little farm in the Sussex countryside with my husband, three beautiful children and two mischievous beagles. I nurture my clients and create my courses, podcasts and resources from a beautiful pod in our garden; but it hasn't always been this way.

At 18 I became a solo mum to one beautiful human and my plans to become a forensic scientist became a path for a different lifetime.

Instead, I pursued my love for movement, nutrition and supporting others and qualified as a Personal Trainer which allowed me to fund myself through a degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. During that journey I struggled and recovered from an eating disorder and connected with others experiencing the same grapple with their body, eating and sense of self and this inspired me to become a specialist in this area. Today I have been working within this space for over a decade, supporting individuals and groups through my private practise, within acute and forensic NHS settings and in the British Army. 


Movement has been something that has both allowed me to push boundaries and connected me deeply to my body.


I grew up as a gymnast and dancer and went on to compete for Great Britain in Powerlifting; it feels like a lifetime ago but I was actually pretty strong! I broke the British records and took a gold medal home from the European Championships. Following my dad's passing after a heroic battle with cancer, I raced an Ironman across Australia to raise funds for the team that cared for him. Sea swimming, the cycling 180km in 40o heat followed by a marathon really tested my limits! 


Continuing to learn is something hugely important to me and allows me to serve the people I work with more integratively.

I have a variety of post grad diplomas, certificates and training in integrative
counselling (L4 Dip), neurobiology of eating disorders, performance nutrition (IOC), inner child healing, advanced CBT,  hypnotherapy, mindfulness, somatics, body image and sexual trauma, addiction, tantra, applied polyvagal/rainbow mapping  and self compassion. I am currently studying neuroscience which is a huge interest areas of mine.


If you popped over for coffee now I would probably be in the garden with the kids tending to our vegetables or stuck into a crime drama book.

I feel it is such an honour to witness and guide individuals to move from a place of fear to a place of freedom. 

 I know what it is like to abandon yourself and to live in fear of food, of eating, of what would happen if you start to nourish, love and care for yourself.  I know what it is like to deprive yourself not only of food, but also of life and love. I know what it is like to spend time wondering if you took the mask off and stepped into your power whether you would be liked. I know what it is like to live just outside your body and never feeling like you have true ownership of it. 

​I also know what it is like to overcome these things, to heal the war with food, to become an inhabitant of your body and reclaim your voice, your truth and your freedom. 

Welcome in.

Just a few important things to me ...


J my husband is my safe space ... and full up to the brim with sarcasm!


Meeting with other women aka "the sisterhood" nurtures my soul! 


Beatrice and Winnifred ... our big loves - although they are rabbit chasers!


Immersing myself on other cultures and learning their traditions is something I love.


The ocean is so healing, I try to visit every week!


I love to hear from you so please say hello! x

Meet our experts




Food Freedom and Gentle Nutrition Coach

Hello, my name is Cory, I am an EIQ certified nutritionist and personal trainer who is also pre/post natal certified. My aim for you is to understand that health is multifaceted and to introduce you to a number of ways to practice attunement and to encourage you to find new and more positive ways to manage your life and of course your emotions. 

Being human is hard and there is so much “noise” around how we “should” look, live and be and I totally understand how frustrating it can be to filter out the misinformation that is perpetuated by diet culture and the media 

As a recovering people pleaser I also understand how difficult it can be to prioritise yourself and to honour your values and live a full, wholehearted life without the associated guilt that comes with putting yourself first, however - as a reminder, you get one life and trying to please everyone is a fruitless and impossible undertaking and can often lead to you feeling lost and unfulfilled. 

My intention for you is to learn how to life a wholehearted life, to improve your faith in your ability to handle difficult days, which will come - but as long as you have those coping mechanisms to help you overcome and embrace the full spectrum of human emotions it will lead to your whole life experience improving.

To explore working with Cory please say hello or look at our Food Freedom Coaching or Gentle Weight Loss Coaching

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Clinical Dietitian 

Hey there! 


My name is Georgia, and I'm a Registered Dietitian (APD and HCPC). Although I'm originally from Australia, I recently moved to the UK to explore and challenge myself.


I've always been passionate about Nutrition and the power of food. However, it was my experience with my eating disorder that motivated me to study Nutrition and Dietetics. 


For me, good health is all about small, consistent habits that we practice every day. It's about finding a balance between nourishing our bodies and minds and enjoying the foods we love. Starting with simple changes, we can build a healthier and more fulfilling life.


As a dietitian, my goal is to help you break down your health goals into practical, everyday habits. I use evidence-based advice and customised tools to support you in achieving your weight and health-related goals.

To explore working with Georgia please explore our Nutrition Consultations or say hello

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Specialist Nutritionist 

Hi,  I'm Hannah, an associate nutritionist with a Masters degree in Human Nutrition where I studied genetics, gut health, fertility nutrition and more. Prior to that I studied Sport Science and wrote a research paper in sport nutrition. I love to cook and you'll either find me doing CrossFit, playing touch rugby, on the beach or having a glass of red wine with my friends. 


I personally resonate with and understand the struggles of body image and suffered disordered eating (without even realising it!) for the best part of 10 years, so my hope is to inspire men and women of all ages to celebrate and enjoy nutritious food, improve their relationship with food whilst also feeling and looking their best. 


I have over 5 years experience in the industry.  have special interest and experience in gut health, IBS, brain health, body image, healthy weight management and sport performance/ fitness. 

  • MSc Human Nutrition St Mary's Twickenham

  • BSc Sport & Exercise Science Loughborough

  • Personal trainer level 3 

To explore working with Hannah, please explore our Nutrition Consultations including our IBS management package or say hello

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