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We believe that practitioners deserve the same nurturance they give others

We provide online and in person training and mentoring for fitness professionals, health practitioners, counsellors, teachers, sports coaches and business' to learn more about nutrition, stress management, disordered eating and body image distress so they are able to understand how to promote a healthy relationship with food, spot the signs of disordered eating and support and signpost appropriately.

Compassion Centred Weight Loss Training 

We nurture personal trainers, therapists, nutritionists, counsellors, dietitians, teachers and other professionals in a variety of ways, please scroll down to explore.


Compassion centred weight loss is our harm reduction approach to support those who would like to reduce their weight in a safe and sustainable way. This approach is something we feel is important for those working with others to understand and explore so they can support weight loss in a way that reduces harm.

Cups of Coffee




Compassion Centred Weight Loss was inspired by my clients desire to be in a body they felt comfortable in after finding food freedom. 


Working at home

The Training 

We break the training down into the 12 step framework itself plus additional coaching modules to support you to explore how to speak about food, body and weight from a place of neutrality, as well as ethically who to support.

This means you also have access to all our resources such as meal plan examples, meditations and self care workbooks. Alongside this we arrange three 1:1 mentoring sessions to support you develop as a practitioner and to guide you with your case study. 


The training itself is self paced, however we would like you to take a volunteer or new client through the journey and write a case study about their and your experience. Following this we ask you to complete a short exam and allow us to explore your case study with you. This is not a test, but rather an integration of knowledge. 

Sign up below and I will get in touch to arrange our session; looking forward to meeting you.

Mentoring ...


Witness other practitioners thrive in confidence and in business is such an honour. I have been in the health and fitness industry for nearly 15 years and have worked with 1000's individuals, creating a business that offers me a great sense of purpose and enables me to live a life not ruled by work. Creating a balance between the personal and professional can be difficult in the helping profession, so this is something I am passionate about supporting others achieve.

Sessions are £80

Workshops and presentations 

We provide online and in person workshops and presentations to schools, business, studios, sports teams and CPD events. Please just get in touch with your exact requirements. 


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