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Nutrition, therapy and movement 

Are you binge eating, yo-yo dieting or emotional overeating? Does your feelings about your body stop you doing what you enjoy? Or maybe you have extreme food rules, no menstrual cycle or food restrictions? Perhaps you have been on a life long diet or are desperate to lose weight, or maybe you know you relationship with food could be improved so you are a positive role model to your children? 

Breathe ... it's a safe space here

As a Clinical Dietitian, Therapist and Personal Trainer, I am one of the only tri-trained professionals to work within the nutrition, eating disorder and body image field, this enables my incredible team and I to offer something unique and specialised. 

I have designed two separate nurturing pathways; which one you walk down will depend on your unique needs and goals; and I will be holding your hand every step of the way. Both are grounded in evidence based practise and combine education with bi-weekly therapeutic coaching.

If you would prefer single session / follow up support please explore our Nutrition Consultations / Dietetic Therapyor explore our Self Paced Courses

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This isn't just about improving your relationship with your body or healing from an eating disorder or reaching your health goals, although this is an important part of our work together; it is about supporting you to get to know yourself, overcome trauma and understand that you are so worthy of freedom, joy and living a nurtured life. 

I work integratively with mind, body and spirit. I draw on different approaches, strategies and practices to meet you where you at.


Are you ready to enjoy your body, your eating and your life?

Friends at the Beach

You are the leader of your journey

Everyone's journey is unique and although we follow our evidence based framework, what we focus on will depend on your personal circumstances. We utilise compassion based, feminist and neuroscientific theory to guide us on the healing journey, but ... healing does not happen via theory. We believe healing lies within you, in your desires, struggles, experiences and infinite wisdom. 

We may explore psycho-nutrition education, nutritional rehabilitation, meal planning, supplemental requirements, coping skills and practises, embodiment, body image, neuropsychology, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness, graded exposure, inner child healing, cognitive behavioural therapy, somatic practises and of course being a safe place for you to explore your struggles, dreams and everything in between.

The way we eat reflects the way we live.

We use a three stage model in our coaching pathways; exploring safety and symptom management, moving into deeper exploration and compassionate acceptance and finally integration and reconnection to the self and the world around you. 

If single nutrition consultations or dietetic therapy feels a better fit for your circumstances please click to explore

What's included ...

Weekly Steps


Each week you receive the next step on your pathway towards food freedom and your health goals. These are a combination of videos, written information and audios; as well as downloads, E-books and resources. 

Depending on your pathway, this may include psycho-somatic-nutrition education in emotional eating, gentle nutrition, body image, diet culture, self worth, bowels and bloating, movement, stress management and shame and anger. We guide you to explore core beliefs and rules for living and teach you to reframe unhelpful thoughts, we upskill in media literacy, explore mindfulness and self compassion, introduce gentle exposure therapy to overcome fears and explore your relationship to play and rest. We teach you to live in your body, not just outside it looking in.

Nurture Therapy


Nurture Therapy combines dietetic counselling, supplement prescriptions, integrative therapy and movement guidance and is a safe place for you to explore your emotional, physical and mental challenges and struggles … and of course success’ . This is available to you biweekly. 


Nurture Therapy is a form of E-therapy, this means that you use our portal or your own email, whichever you prefer to share your thoughts, concerns, questions and struggles as well as any blood results, nutrition diaries, menstrual cycle information and any other agreed relevant information; you receive your personal feedback, support, guidance, alterations and resources in writing. I spend a theraputic hour on each Nurture Therapy response.

There are a number of benefits of E-therapy, these include;

  • It is flexible : You can write and read your therapeutic notes at any time, this often enables more clarity and understanding. 

  • It is open ended : You can take as much time as you want to get your experiences and emotions down in writing.

  • Writing is therapeutic: The act of writing down things can support you to understand yourself more and give you personal insight into what is happening in your life.

  • It allows more depth: No strict appointment times means we can both explore issues and solutions in more depth. 

  • It is less uncomfortable: Being in comfortable surroundings can support you to be more open and willing to face uncomfortable challenges.

  • You are learning the skill of reflection: We want you to learn to nurture yourself and self reflection is important skill to lean on.

Nutrition and exercise guidance


We provide you with nutrition guidelines within our pathways as well as personalised nutrition and supplement support in your Nurture Therapy sessions. We also provide movement guidance and gym/home workout plan within our pathways and can explore this in greater detail within your Nurture Therapy, although depending where you are at within your recovery journey, this may or may not be suitable for you within the initial stages. We also give your self care workbooks and journal prompts for you to explore alongside your journey. 

This is for you if you have a diagnosed eating disorder, are experiencing disordered eating or would like to explore and improve your relationship with food and your body. If you would like to make changes to your physical body this can also be explored if/when the time feels right.

This is a 24 step journey that hundreds of individuals have taken before you, they have supported to shape the experience to what it is today. 

Whether you are engaging in emotional eating, spitting and chewing, binge eating, self induced vomiting, laxative abuse, over exercising, obsessive calorie tracking or feel like you want to improve the way you eat or speak about your body to add to your happiness or to be a positive role model for your children we can support you. 

Our Finding Food Freedom pathway is 24 weeks, with the option to continue working together following this if that feels right for you. 

We also provide our Food Freedom Framework in a self paced course format if working through this independently feels right for you.

Strawberry Croissants


Finding Food Freedom 


    Every 4 weeks
    Finding Food Freedom
    Valid for 24 weeks
  • Nutrition Coaching

    Single session video consultation with Cory
    Valid for one month
  • Dietetic Consultation

    Single session video/audio consultation with Rachel RD.
    Valid for one month
Sea Shore


Exploring Gentle Weight Loss

We respect that everyone has the right to body autonomy and to make their own choices about their bodies.
We understand  the natural desire to live in a body that we enjoy and feel comfortable in, we all deserve that



Our Exploring Gentle Weight Loss pathway is 12 weeks, with the option to continue working together following this if that feels right for you. The Nurtured Recovery Journey is £120/four weeks

We also provide our Gentle Weight Loss in a self paced course format if working through this independently feels right for you.

Please get in touch with any questions or if you are unsure whether you choose our pathway, single sessions or courses.

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