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Looking to optimise your nutrition, end emotional eating, find meals that work for your family, support your fertility, reduce IBS symptoms, improve sporting performance, stop painful periods, lose body fat gently? 

Breathe ... it's a safe space here

Rachel works with individuals, couples and families to support them to optimise their nutrition and work towards their goals in a way that nurtures them.

She merges her experience as a clinical dietitian and her knowledge of neuroscience and psychological theories to provide a whole systems approach. Rather than treating the symptoms or presenting issues, she explores deeper in a way that it gentle and nurturing.

Everyone is deserving of feeling energised, nurtured and pain free. 


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Rachel and her colleagues are a team highly specialised nutrition and therapeutic professionals (meet us here) so they are regulatoed by professional bodies and have to use the latest up to date evidence and decades of working in the field of nutrition and dietetics. 


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You are the leader of your journey

The Nurture Circle stands proud in the eating disorder, body image and fitness space; but as a tri trained practitioner Rachel also works with individuals to improve their nutrition and lifestyle around fertility, IBS, deficiencies, PCOS, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and more. 

You know your body and symptoms best, Rachel listens and honour this and uses an evidence basis to make recommendations that are realistic for your lifestyle.

She may explore psycho-nutrition education, nutritional rehabilitation, meal planning, supplemental requirements, coping skills and practises, lifestyle adaptations, movement integration and relaxation practises to guide you towards your goal.

The Nurture Circle is
anti diet culture,
but not anti "diet" ...

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nor are we pro diet.

If you would like to pursue making changes to your physical body, for example pursuing fat loss, this is something that can be explored alongside other nutrition goals. If  your goal is  recovery from hypothalamic amenorrhea, disordered eating or to improve your relationship with food, eating and/or your body then any weight or fat loss goals may need to be put on pause, which we understand can be difficult.

Nurturance and compassion are the leading values in our practise

It is important that you feel cared for and that you matter, because you do.


Nutrition Consultations / Dietetic Therapy at The Nurture Circle includes;

1. An initial assessment and consultation lasts up to 60 minutes via phone or email, this is both clinical and therapeutic and allows Rachel to comprehensively explore where you are currently at, what you are struggling with, what your nutrition knowledge and body literacy is and what you need. Following this Rachel writes up the session alongside your nutrition, therapeutic and lifestyle recommendations. 


2. Follow up sessions are 50 minutes and what you explore, discuss and learn depends on what you need.

Written follow ups are provided after each session, these include resources, research and gentle goals alongside adjustments to nutrition and supplementation. Rachel may prescribe therapeutic tasks and somatic exercises too. 

3. Personalized nutrition guidance and movement recommendations are provided if appropriate. These may include example plans or E-books or masterclass' to watch.

4. Journal prompts and meditations aligned with your goals and needs may also be provided if appropriate.


You are deserving of understanding nutrition and feeling empowered 

  • Dietetic Assessment and Consultation

    With Rachel : General nutrition, fertility, menstrual irregularities and eating disorders
    • 60 minute clinical assessment + consultation [audio / email]
    • Full written follow up
    • Example meal plan and supplement prescription
    • Gentle goal setting
    • Access to appropriate frameworks / masterclass'
    • Resource and research recommendation
    • Somatic and neuroscience based coping skills
    • Introduction to integrative therapy is appropriate
  • Initial Nutrition Consultation

    General nutrition, fertility, menstrual irregularities and eating disorders
    Valid for 3 months
    • 60 minute virtual face to face clinical consultation
    • Full written follow up
    • Example meal plan and supplement prescription
    • Access to appropriate frameworks / masterclass'
    • Resource recommendation
  • Follow Up Nutrition Consultation

    General nutrition, fertility, menstrual irregularities and eating disorders
    Valid for 3 months
    • 50 minute virtual audio/video/email consultation
    • Full written follow up
    • Review / updates to nutrition recommendations
    • Access to frameworks / masterclass' if appropriate
    • Resource recommendations
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