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Online Course Library


Over the coming months we will be expanding our online courses to provide you with the latest evidence based information to support you on your journey to food freedom, easy and joy; for now please explore our current offerings below.

Friends at the Beach


A 32 module in depth course to support you to understand and end chaotic eating behaviours and find body neutrality. This is for you if you have at least two-three hours a week to dedicate to your recovery journey and are interested in exploring a variety of different approaches. 


Green House

You choose: £199   £149   £99


"The missing piece of the puzzle." 

Nurture and Thrive is our signature 12 step evidenced based programme to support individuals end food and body obsession, recover from binge eating, emotional overeating, yoyo-dieting or restriction.  Learn our integrative approach that delves into the science behind why we keep turning to eating behaviours that cause  distress and how to overcome this gently and tenderly using the body as ally, not an enemy.

Food blog



Discover how to stop obsessing over tracking calories and nutrients and feel safe to listen and meet your body's needs without using an app.

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