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Welcome to our Online Courses and Masterclass'.

All our courses can be accessed on a laptop or mobile or in our app "spaces". They are interactive to support you to understand and apply the information we explore. Please sign up as a member to confirm your email address then head straight back here to complete your purchase. 

Finding Food Freedom

"The missing piece of the puzzle." 

Finding Food Freedom is our signature 12 step evidenced based programme to support you end food and body obsession, recover from binge eating, emotional overeating, chronic-dieting or restriction.


Our approach is integrative and teaches you to move out of survival mode and realise that healing is not about strength or willpower, but rather about science and safety. In Finding Food Freedom we delve into the science behind why we might keep turning to behaviours that cause them distress and how to overcome this gently and tenderly, using the body as ally, not an enemy.

Finding Food Freedom offers tools, example meal plans and resources. We provide the course in written format broken down into mini steps as well as in video and audio format. 

Enjoying Lunch

Compassion centred weight loss

We understand the natural desire to live in a body that we enjoy and feel comfortable in; we also know too well the negative consequences that can come from dieting for weight loss which is why we use a compassion centred, harm reduction model in our weight loss framework.


Over 12 weeks you will learn how to work towards your weight loss goals gently and safely, without obsessing over eating, shape and weight or letting dieting have a negative impact on your life.


Add on individual and group coaching available.

Coming summer 2023 

We will be in touch when it's ready

Friends at the Beach




Do you find yourself thinking about the way you look often? Do you spend lots of time and capacity checking your body or performing behaviours to try and change your appearance?  This 40 minute masterclass explores body image preoccupation and appearance over concerns and suggests practical ways to reduce obsessive thoughts, body checking and face situations that you may be avoiding. 

Green House




This 60 minute masterclass is designed for both trainers, coaches and practitioners working with individuals that experience food restriction as well as individuals that would like to learn more about why they feel the need to restrict their food intake and how to overcome this with different strategies, approaches and tools to explore, followed by a short quiz to support understanding. Certificate of complete available. 

Food blog




Discover how to stop obsessing over tracking calories and nutrients and feel safe to listen and meet your body's needs without using an app.

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