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Masterclass: How to stop worrying about your looks

What is our Masterclass: Howto stop worrying about your looks?

Often one of the aspects that keeps us stuck in disordered eating behaviours is the way we feel about our appearance and body.  This 40 minute masterclass explores body image preoccupation and appearance over concerns and suggests practical ways to reduce obsessive thoughts, body checking and face situations that you may be avoiding so that the way you look no longer seems the most important thing about you. 

How do Masterclass' work

Our masterclass is available via our online platform, it is in video format but can also be listened to in audio only if you prefer to walk and listen. There is a workbook to download to work through along with the masterclass or at any point afterwards. 

You will have access to the masterclass and materials for 12 months 

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Who is this masterclass for?

This masterclass is for anyone that feels like the amount they think about their body or the behaviours they engage in to change their body or other aspects of their appearance is having a negative impact on their life. It has been designed so that practitioners that work in the body image, fitness and disordered eating space can also learn practises and strategies to support their clients lessen body preoccpation. 

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How much is the investment for this masterclass?

If you would like to add on 1:1 support please just get in touch.

Anything else 

It is important to recognise that exploring our relationship with food may involves vulnerability; which can feel uncomfortable and painful at times; however we prioritise in building ways for you to feel safe and secure through tools, interventions and practises.

Just get in touch to ask any questions

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