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CPD Masterclass :
Healing food restriction

What is our Masterclass: Healing Food Restriction?

As coaches, counsellors and practitioners we work with individuals that are stuck in a cycle of food restriction;  this 60 minute masterclass explores why restriction can be so hard to stop, even though it is causing negative impacts on our life. It moves on to explore top down and bottoms up strategies to explore with the individuals you work with as well as exploring emotional eating. This masterclass is also suitable if you yourself would like support healing food restriciton. 

Who is this masterclass for?

This masterclass is for anyone that restrict their food intake, chronically diet or emotionally eat or for anyone that works with them and wants to gain greater understanding and learn new ways to support them. 

Offering Apple at the Market

How much is the investment for this masterclass?

Anything else 

It is important to recognise that exploring our relationship with food may involves vulnerability; which can feel uncomfortable and painful at times; however we prioritise in building ways for you to feel safe and secure through tools, interventions and practises.

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