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Mentoring is designed for fitness and nutrition professionals such as personal trainers, nutritionists, nutrition counsellors and dietitians that are motivated to expand their skills and knowledge, learn new theories and interventions; and develop their confidence and career. These sessions are not a substitute for personal therapy, however mentoring may be a time to reflect on different aspects of work and aspects in personal life that impact work. 

Sessions involve reflection and guidance with clients, exploring and accountability of professional goals and aspirations, guidance to enhance professional knowledge, as well as some focus on practitioner self care. 

After all sessions you will be provided with a full session round up as well as any discussed resources such as E-books, worksheets, tools, meditations, podcasts and goal setting. 

The investment for mentoring is:

- Initial consultation (75 minutes) £145 

- Follow up monthly consultations (50 minutes) £80

*Please note there is no minimum of number of sessions, we work together until you have gained what you feel you have needed. 

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To support you to grow as a practitioner and become the most equipped version of yourself. 

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