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Creating learning and community to grow together 

Being a practitioner can sometimes seem like a lonely place if you are self employed, my goal with workshops is to not only create an interactive and applicable learning experience but also to build professional connections. My workshops are both online and in person in Sussex. Keep your eye on this page or subscribe to find out the latest workshop dates. 

*Please note that although my workshops are aimed at personal trainers, nutritionists, counsellors and dietitians you do not have to be a professional to attend. 

Workshops in the next three months 

Supporting clients experiencing distressing eating behaviours

Enhance your knowledge, skills and professional compassion during this half day workshop.

Part one: Explore why an individual may be performing distressing and disordered eating and exercise behaviours through a cognitive and somatic lens.
Part two: Expand your tool box of practises and interventions to support your clients to tolerate the discomfort of change, face their fears and develop a healthy relationship with food. 

Saturday 4th February 2023


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