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Compassion Centred Weight Loss

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Compassion Centred Weight Loss coaching uses our harm reduction framework to support you to work towards your weight loss goals gently and safely, without obsessing over eating, shape and weight or letting dieting have a negative impact on your life. We know too well there can be negative consequences of dieting and weight loss attempts; we also understand the natural desire to live in a body that we enjoy and feel comfortable in; we all deserve that, which is why we use a compassionate centred, harm reduction model in our weight loss coaching. Harm reduction means that we take a gentle approach to food and nutrition and support a positive relationship with food, eating and body image. We do not place moral value on foods and believe shame has no place on a weight loss journey. We structure our framework as a three part therapeutic model, firstly creating safety and stability, secondly exploring the deeper work and finally integrating or reconnecting to the world around us with our new framework.




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