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Our services


Please explore the services that we are currently offering below, we hope you find something that feels right for you at this time. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.  


Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition consultations are designed for individuals who would like guidance around the foods they are consuming. This may be for general wellbeing, hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery, to support fertility, pregnancy or breastfeeding, to help manage symptoms related to PCOS or insulin resistance, or to support body composition or sports performance goals. 

Dietetic Therapy 

Dietetic Therapy has been designed for those individuals that would like to explore their eating behaviours and body image issues, heal distress and learn new skills and practises to overcome an eating disorder or disordered eating with the safety, guidance and support of a Registered Dietitian. 

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Food Freedom Coaching

Food Freedom Coaching includes gentle, individualised support; meeting weekly with your Coach, following our specialist programme that has been developed after working with 1000s of individuals.  

Free resources 

We have created a library of resources that we hope you find support you on your path to greater ease, play and joy. Please be aware that these resources are for education purposes and do not replace coaching, therapy or medical guidance. 

Reading Material

Online Course Library

Fortified with years of experience, our courses have been designed with compassion using the latest evidence based research to support you on your journey to find food freedom, body contentment and invite greater ease into your daily life

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Hypnotherapy uses deep relaxation and an altered state of consciousness to support you change behaviours and reduce distressing symptoms that you may be experiencing such as anxiety and pain. Individuals often confuse hypnotherapy with state hypnosis, in hypnotherapy you will always be in control.  We specialise in Self Esteem Hypnotherapy, Distressing Eating Hypnotherapy and Exercise Compulsion Hypnotherapy and Overcoming Perfectionism Hypnothery.

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