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Professional Support


Welcome, we are so pleased you are here. We provide online and in person training and mentoring for fitness professionals, health pratitioners, counsellors, teachers, sports coaches and business to learn more about nutrition, disordered eating and body image distress so they are able to understand how to promote a healthy relationship with food, spot the signs of disordered eating and support and signpost appropriately. 

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Online or in person presentations

This is for you if you would like us to attend your workplace, gym, membership network or school in person or online to present or educate in a workshop style to support your colleagues or members with their general wellbeing, improve their body image, develop their awareness of eating disorders or support health behaviours. Prices start from £399.


This is for you if you are a fitness professional, coach or health practitioner and would like support with your professional knowledge, practitioner self care or support with the individuals you work with. Generally mentoring meetings happen once a month.

Investment £82.50 / session

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Compassion Centred Weight Loss Coach Training

This is for you if you want to learn how to support individuals with our compassion centred weight loss framework. This is a 16 week training with monthly online meets; you will need to complete a case study and questionnaire to get your certification. You will not only learn the framework but importantly, what type of client is ethical to support on a weight loss journey and who to refer onwards. 

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