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Nutrition Consultations

What are Nutrition Consultations? 

Nutrition consultations are designed for individuals who would like guidance around the foods they are consuming. This may be for a variety of reasons including general wellbeing, hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery, to support fertility, pregnancy or breastfeeding, to help manage symptoms related to PCOS or insulin resistance, or to support body composition  or sports performance goals. 

How do Nutrition consultations work? 

A nutrition consultation is held over video call or audio call, whichever you prefer, with the practitioner best suited to your needs.You may have been asked to provide an intake diary in advance of the session so this can be analysed.  

You will discuss your current circumstances and your goals, and explore specific nutrition education related to these. Following your consultation you will recive a full write up and resources to explore; you may also recieve an example meal plan and supplemnet guidance if this is appropriate. 

Who are Nutrition Consultations for? 

Nutrition consultations are for anyone who would like to  enhance their nutrition knowledge and receive guidance from specialist coaches and practitioners around the food they are eating and how this can be altered to support their clinical, performance or body composition goals. 

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How much is the investment for Nutrition Consultations?

After all sessions you will be provided with a full session round up as well as any discussed resources such as E-books, research papers and tools. 

The investment for a Nutrition Consultation is:

Nutritionist and Health coach:

- Initial consultation (75 minutes) - £90 

- Subsequent sessions (50 minutes) - £60

Specialist Dietitian :

- Initial consultation (75 minutes) - £165 

- Subsequent sessions (50 minutes) - £95

Anything else  

Please get in touch so we can recommend who would be best suited to work with you and your goals and provide you will clear pricing informaiton. 

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