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Finding Food Freedom

Online course: gentle disordered eating recovery

What is "Finding Food Freedom" Online Course

Finding Food Freedom is our signature 12 step evidenced based programme to support you to end food and body obsession, recover from binge eating, emotional overeating, yoyo-dieting or restriction. Our approach works with the mind and body and teaches you to move out of survival mode and realise that recovery is not about strength or willpower, but rather about science and safety. In Finding Food Freedom we delve into the science behind why we might keep turning to behaviours that cause them distress and how to overcome this gently and tenderly, using the body as ally, not an enemy.


Finding Food Freedom has been developed after working with 1000's of individuals in the eating disorder and body image space and realising that there is a gap in understanding why disordered behaviours can be so challenging to confront and change; by creating awareness around this, our members stop blaming and shaming themselves and learn to open themselves up to other ways of coping, feeling and living. 

How does Finding Food Freedom work? 

Finding Food Freedom is available via our online platform and our app; it consists of 12 main steps broken down into easy to absorb bite size chunks. 


Each step is in written format, with a watchable video, audio and downloadable E-book; so you can choose how you would like to learn. Finding Food Freedom is interactive, after each mini step you will be met with prompts to support you to support you to tune in an integrate the guidance into your everyday life.

We include resources such as example meals plans, coping skills guides,  worksheets and journal prompts to give you easy to access tools to use. 


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Step one : Attuning

​You will learn what survival mode is and how this impacts your eating behaviours and thoughts about yourself and your body; you will gently start to reconnect to your body.

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Step four: Attending

You will learn why you experience your body image the way you do and build coping skills to support you to ease feelings of distress and discomfort as you make changes

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Step two: Nourishing

You will learn about the nutrients in food for physical health and the role it plays in other areas of health, receiving flexible meal and snack guidance and example meal plans.

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Step five: Embodying

You will learn how to connect with the body and yourself so you can gently repair the relationship between yourself and your body.


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Step Three: exploring

​You will be guided to create a formulation to support you to explore why your disordered behaviours developed to gain greater understanding about what is prevent food freedom in the present.



Step six: Reflecting 

​You will reflect on the skills, knowledge and growth that you have experienced so far and continue to reframe unhelpful thoughts and beliefs



Step seven: Learning

​You will learn how to navigate media and social media so it no longer feels triggering and changes the way we feel, eat and behave.



Step ten: Consolidating 

​You will learn how to create new habits and patterns in your life that make you feel good and allow you to move away for behaviours that feel unhelpful.


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Step eight: Stretching

You will learn deeper skills to tolerate anxiety and fear so you can spend the majority of the time feeling safe, connected and calm.


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Step 11: Connecting

​You will learn the major aspect of food freedom that is often missed out, the aspect that has the ability to switch on and off different genes.


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Step nine:  Releasing

You will learn how to bring more play, and rest into your everyday life so you no longer need to turn to disordered behaviours in an attempt to meet your needs.

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Step 12: Concluding 

​You will learn skills and coping strategies to invite more joy and gratitude into your life and learn how to reflect on your journey to food freedom.


Who is Finding Food Freedom online course for? 

Finding Food Freedom Online Course is for anyone who is would like to experience more freedom and ease around eating.  You may be experiencing  binge eating,  emotional eating, you may have rigid rules around food and exercise or experience yo-yo dieting; you may find food and body image stressful,  experience restriction, feel preoccupied with with food or find eating or body image impacting life negatively. As this course is self paced you can take as long as need to to explore and re-explore it; we advise you do it no quicker than over 12 weeks to allow time to apply it to your daily life.  

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How much is the investment for Finding Food Freedom online course?

The investment for Finding Food Freedom is £19, if this feels inaccessible for you please do get in touch for a discount code. 

  • Finding Food Freedom

    Nurture and Thrive
    Valid for one year
  • Annual Membership

    The Nurture Circle Membership
    Valid for 12 months

If you would like to add on 1:1 support please just get in touch.

Anything else 

It is important to recognise that exploring our relationship with food may involves vulnerability; which can feel uncomfortable and painful at times; however we prioritise in building ways for you to feel safe and secure through tools, interventions and practises.

Just get in touch to ask any questions

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