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Group Coaching

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Who is this for: Individuals experiencing distressing eating behaviours such as binge eating, restrictive eating, yoyo  or chronic dieting or diagnosed eating disorders

Format: Weekly live interactive video sessions for 12 weeks alongside  individual consultations 

What is included: Weekly  group dietetic coaching sessions and Q&As for 12 weeks (please see syllabus), weekly personalised E-consultations for 12 weeks, access to member portal with entire curriculum,  worksheets, E-books, somatic practises, meditations, hypnotherapy recordings, breathing practises, nutrition guides and A Journey to Fullness online course.

Investment: £500 (payment plans available )

What is Group Coaching? 

 Group Coaching uses our compassion centred, evidence based framework to support individuals to end food and body obsession, enhance their skills in nutrition, emotional regulation and mindfulness. We meet weekly in small groups for 12 weeks alongside weekly personal E-consultations to give you the resources, support, community and coaching to overcome disordered eating and body image concerns. 

How does Group Coaching work? 

Every week for twelve weeks we meet together virtually to focus on a different aspect of psycho-somatic-nutrition education alongside practical skills, strategies and practices to not only support you gain greater knowledge of why you continue to perform behaviours that are distressing, but to also give you implementable coping tools to widen your window of tolerance so you are confident that no matter how much anxiety you experience when creating new behaviours and overcoming fears, you have the skills and tools to tolerate it.

Alongside weekly coaching sessions, we provide you with individual weekly support and guidance through our E-consultations to offer you personalised direction and encouragement.

Our group will also be a safe place for you to share your stories and learn from one another, giving you an opportunity to nurture a small community to offer and receive support. Our coaching group is kept small and intimate to allow you to feel heard. I add you to confidential whats ap group so you can share skills and resources during and following the coaching too. 

You receive a virtual toolbox filled with my recordings, worksheets and E-books that you can utilise during your coaching and for as long as you need afterwards

Who is Group Coaching for? 

Small group coaching has been designed for individuals who are experiencing distressing eating behaviours such as binge eating, restrictive eating, obsesive calorie counting, yo-yo dieting and body image concerns, and would like to develop greater food freedom, an improved relationship with their bodies and feel liberated to prioritise time to enjoy rest and play.


Everyone presents with slightly differing symptoms of disordered eating or chronic dieting but common humanity can be found in that thoughts and behaviours surrounding food, the body, eating and exercise are impacting everyday life in a negative way. This coaching has been designed to provide the support, safety, psycho-nutrition education, cognitive and somatic skills, tools and strategies and to aid understanding of why you turn to distressing behaviours as a way to cope and how to change that.

Group coaching is not only more accessible in comparison to purely personalised support, but it also reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation that disordered eating can create. It provides a sense of common humanity and comfort that others understand because they are experiencing too.  It is natural to feel nervous about group coaching, however it doesn't take long for the group to feel like a great support system. 

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What's included and how much is the investment for  Group Coaching?  

  • Weekly  group dietetic coaching sessions and Q&As for 12 weeks (please see syllabus)

  • Weekly personalised E-consultations for 12 weeks

  • Access to member portal with entire curriculum,  worksheets, E-books, somatic practises, meditations, hypnotherapy recordings, breathing practises, nutrition guides

  • Intimate group of peers on the same journey - whats app group set up for sharing of resources and support 

  • Access to A Journey To Fullness Online Course

  • 10% discount private dietetic consultations 

The investment for Thrive is four monthly payments of £125


It is important to recognise that any form of coaching may involve vulnerability; which can feel uncomfortable at times; however we prioritise in building ways for you to feel safe and secure through tools, interventions and practises.


Creating safety anchors and connection. Introducing the nervous system role in recovery.


Understanding the brain in disordered eating to release shame and guilt.


Understanding the physical role of nutrition on the body, mind and spirit. 


Nurturing the self through embodied awareness. 


Creating a formulation to learn where beliefs and behaviours come from and how they are maintained.


A time for reflection and forward momentum.


Navigating the media in a society fuelled by diet culture. 


Integration. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway using skills to tolerate distress.


The power of play, solitude and feeling safe enough to let go. 


Belonging, deeping pathways to connection. 


Stretching but not stressing, finding the edge of the comfort zone and increasing resilience.


A time for reflection, integration and self celebration.

"Rachel has a true talent for what she does and I feel lucky that she have made it accessible. The guidance she offers will have a life long impact."

"I have benefitted SO much from this 12 weeks working with you Rachael. I really can't thank you enough. I think the combination of engaging with this type of therapy at the right time to springboard me to the next level of recovery, and the group work nature, which I think really benefited me."

" I do not think I would be here, in this position, without Rachel's help. She has truly have saved my life and I am grateful beyond words." 

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