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Free Resources

I hope these resources are useful for you, if you are a practitioner please free free to share these with your clients. Please know these are for educational purposes only and not a substitute for personal coaching or therapy. 

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Join us on the new Nurture Circle podcast where we explore eating behaviours, body image and self care to support you to live a expansive life. Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

How To Stop Binge and Emotional Overeating :
A Food Focussed Approach

Both Binge and Emotional Eating are often about SO much more than food, but establishing nurturing eating habits is a first step on the journey to food freedom. 

This guide will support you to understand why food plays such a vital role in recovery / liberation of binge and emotional overeating, and offers practical steps how to make changes to your current routine.  If you are a coach or trainer, please feel free to use these guides to support your clients. 

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Homemade Chocolate Chips
Plus Size Models

Improve your body image: Journal Prompts

This E-book of journal prompts have been designed to support you to explore inwards to understand your feelings and beliefs about your body and find ways to connect to it in a deeper, more neutral way.

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