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Food Freedom Coaching

What is Food Freedom Coaching? 

Food freedom Coaching uses our compassion centred, evidence based framework to support individuals to end food and body obsession, enhance their skills in nutrition, emotional regulation and mindfulness. Our approach leans into attunement, embodiment and supporting the people we work with to see their body as an ally, not an enemy. We strive to support our clients to enjoy their bodies and explore how they can increase their experiences of rest, play and joy.  

How does Food Freedom Coaching work? 

Food Freedom Coaching has been designed by Rachel after working with thousands of individuals experiencing distressing eating behaviours and body image concerns.


Cory, our Nutritionist and Eating Behaviour Coach leads our Food Freedom Program.  Each week you meet for 50 minutes via video or audio call, whichever feels safer for you, to gently guide you through our integrative programme  and give you the space to discuss and share your experiences, answer any questions you may have and set some gentle goals to work towards. 

Our program is grounded in evidence based practise, we use this as a framework to be adapted to your personal circumstances. The work we do will incorporate psycho-somatic-nutrition education, the creation of safety resources, gently learning to live in the body, explore core beliefs and rules for living and reframing unhelpful ones, upskilling in media literacy, mindfulness and self compassion, exploring your relationship to play and rest; in addition to your own personal nutrition guidance.  We can also explore body composition goals if this feels appropriate. 

Each week we collaborate to come up with some tender goals to stretch your comfort zone but not stress it; and plan ways to implement the skills, practises and tools that you are learning. 

You will have access to our resource hub to download E-books, meditations and videos to support you on your journey to Food Freedom.


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Who is Food Freedom Coaching for? 

Food Freedom Coaching is for anyone who is experiencing eating behaviours and body image thoughts that are causing distress; this may include binge eating and emotional eating, having rigid rules around food and exercise, experiencing yo-yo dieting, finding food and body image stressful, experiencing hypothalamic amenorrhea, preoccupied with food or finding eating or body image impacting life negatively. We advise that you need around two hours a week to commit to Food Freedom Coaching, 50 minutes to meet with your coach and time to explore the resources and prompts. 

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How much is the investment for Food Freedom Coaching?  

Our Food Freedom Coaching framework starts with 14 weeks weekly coaching sessions, the investment for this is four monthly payments of £160. 

Some of the people we work with find that this programme is the support they need, others like to continue with support weekly, alternate weekly or monthly. This can continue for as long as you need. 

The investment for follow on coaching is:

Weekly sessions: £180/month (four sessions/month)

Alternate weekly sessions: £95/month (two sessions / month)

Monthly session: £50

Anything else  

Please get in touch with some more details and we will let you know our availability. We are looking forward to working with you.  

How would you like be nurtured?

Thank you, we look forward to welcoming you soon

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