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Compassion Centred
Weight Loss : Group Coaching

What is Compassion Centred Weight Loss Coaching? 

Compassion Centred Weight Loss coaching uses our harm reduction framework to support you to work towards your weight loss goals gently and safely, without obsessing over eating, shape and weight or letting dieting have a negative impact on your life. We offer our compassion centred weight loss coaching in both group and 1:1 formats, whichever feels right for you. Our members have access to this as a self paced course format too. If you want to explore membership please click here. 

We know too well there can be negative consequences of dieting and weight loss attempts; we also understand  the natural desire to live in a body that we enjoy and feel comfortable in; we all deserve that, which is why we use a compassionate centred, harm reduction model in our weight loss coaching. 


Harm reduction means that we take a gentle approach to food and nutrition and support a positive relationship with food, eating and body image. We do not place moral value on foods and believe shame has no place on a weight loss journey. We structure our framework as a three part therapeutic model, firstly creating safety and stability, secondly exploring the deeper work and finally integrating or reconnecting to the world around us with our new framework. 


Ultimately, we respect that everyone has the right to body autonomy and to make their own choices about their bodies; if weight loss is a goal for you we want to ensure this is an informed choice and to support you to do this safely and in a way that feels gentle and nurturing. 


How does Compassion Centred Coaching work? 

Compassion Centred Weight Loss has been designed by Rachel after working with hundreds of individuals that desired to make changes to improve and safeguard their health,  feel confident in their appearance and increase confidence and enjoyment in their body, whilst still experiencing food freedom. 

Rachel leads our Compassion Centred Group Coaching.


Each week for 12 weeks you get access to a  module broken down into easy to absorb bite sized steps; and resources from our Compassion Centred Weight Loss framework which we have shared in greater detail below. These modules are available in written or audio format.


We want to teach you how to nourish yourself, rather than simply tell you what to eat; so we offer you evidence based knowledge and step by step ways to apply this to your everyday life. We use a gentle add in approach so every week offer goals and guidance to support your journey.

Alternate weeks we meet together as a group to reflect and explore questions and answers. These sessions are recorded so there if you can't make the sessions you can catch up at a later date. 


We also provide you with E-books, recipe books, example meal plans, example movement plans, habit tracker worksheets and self care guides. 

If you would like add on weekly E-check ins or ad-hoc coaching session we can accomodate this too. 


Session one: Weight, food and your body

  • Determining a healthy weight 

  • Prioritizing a healthy relationship with food 

  • Body neutrality during a weight loss journey 

  • Factors that influence weight 

  • Weight loss and social justice / fatphobia 

  • Mood tracker 

  • Self care rituals 

  • Actions, progress review and goal setting

Session three: Understanding energy deficits 


  • The science of weight loss 

  • Exploring calories (optional)

  • Example meal plans 

  • Hunger and satiety 

  • Exploring fad diets 

  • Actions, progress review and goal setting ​

Session two: Creating a realistic meal plan 


  • Flexible, structured, regular eating 

  • Understanding macronutrients and micronutrients 

  • Making tweaks 

  • Creating a delicious, nutritious and flexible meal plan 

  • Habit tracker 

  • Actions, progress review and goal setting 


Session four: Measuring progress 


  • Pros and cons of self weighing 

  • Alternative ways to measure progress 

  • Moving the body

  • Movement tracker

  • Example workout plan

  • Goal setting 

  • Actions, progress review and goal setting 

Session five: Implementable changes 


  • Practical gentle nutrition tips

  • Shopping and cooking to support weight loss 

  • Example shopping list 

  • Recipes 

  • Supplements 

  • Actions, progress review and goal setting 

Session seven: Creating a strong sense of self worth


  • Raising self worth 

  • Exploring identity away from appearance 

  • Affirmations for self worth and self esteem 

  • Having a healthy relationship with weight loss 

  • Action plan, progress review and goal setting 

Session six: Exploring emotional eating 


  • Eating for reasons other than hunger

  • Exploring survival mode 

  • Coping skills for emotional eating 

  • Coping skills guide 

  • Understanding emotional eating through a body based lens 

  • Actions, progress review and goal setting 


Session eight: Understanding Mindfulness 


  • Exploring mindfulness

  • Practical mindfulness principles 

  • Unhelpful belief reframes 

  • Action plan, progress review and goal setting 

Session nine: Building a neutral body image 


  • Exploring body image

  • Understanding body dissatisfaction 

  • Learning body neutrality 

  • Tips for poor body image days 

  • Action plan, progress review and goal setting 

Session 11: Frequently ask questions 

  • Weight loss stalling

  • Eating out 

  • Coping with cravings around the menstrual cycle

  • Supporting increased hunger

  • Action plan, progress review and goal setting

Session ten: Exploring diet culture 


  • Understanding diet culture 

  • Roots of diet culture 

  • Shame and dieting 

  • Choosing to diet in an anti-diet world

  • Action plan, progress review and goal setting


Session 12: Reflecting and revisiting 


  • Reflecting on progress 

  • Reviewing daily doses of health habits 

  • Summarizing previous sessions 

  • Moving forwards 

Who is Compassion Centred Weight Loss Coaching for? 

Compassion Centred Weight Loss Coaching is for individuals who have a neutral relationship with food and their body and would like to understand how to lose weight to support their health, confidence and enjoyment in life in a safe and sustainable way. Compassion Centred Weight Loss Coaching is not suitable for individuals who engage in any disordered eating behaviours, nor for those that believe the weight loss will improve their worth as human. If the latter feels more applicable to you please explore our Finding Food Freedom Online Course or Coaching

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How much is the investment for Compassion Centred Group Coaching?  

The investment for 12 weeks of Compassion Centred Weight Loss Group Coaching is at an introductory price of £199. 

The group coaching will start on Tuesday 11th July at 7pm. These sessions are recorded in case you cannot or did not want to attend and all your questions can be sent in confidentially before hand.


Group coaching plus add on weekly E- checks for 12 weeks is £340

Add on Compassion Centred Weight Loss coaching is £55 per session. 


We want to make sure that compassion centred weight loss is right for you, so please complete the application form below. 

Application : Compassion Centred Weight Loss Coaching

Please answer as honestly as possible so we can determine whether our coaching is suitable for your needs

Thank you, we look forward to welcoming you soon

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