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A Journey to Fullness

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Freedom from chaotic eating. 


A Journey to Fullness is a self paced virtual recovery, rediscovery and reconnection programme designed for individuals that are ready to overcome fear, develop food freedom and rediscover themselves and their passions so they are finally free to experience joy, pleasure and purpose for you to explore with or without my 1:1 support. 


We wanted to create a recovery programme that is accessible for anyone experiencing any stress, shame and guilt around eating, food and their bodies that bridges the gap between self help and one to one dietetic therapy. We know how difficult it can be to access funded support and private one to one treatment is not always an option. So our aim for A Journey to Fullness is to provide a holistic, evidence based programme combining science and spirituality, to help you to break free from chaotic eating, reconnect to your body and feel the freedom to truly enjoy life; alongside others that are on a similar journey to you. Our experience has shown me that individuals have the ability to self heal if they opportunity and guidance to explore this. 


  • to see yourself as worthy and deserving of joy and you understand what you need and are able to meet those needs with non-judgement, kindness and compassion. ​

  • to have understanding and confidence in nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs to allow you to live a full and vibrant life. 

  • to feel safe occupying the body you are living in and are accepting and grateful for it; you have no desire to intentionally harm or neglect it. 

  • to recognise your feelings, allow them be there without identifying as them and comfortably investigate them with kindness, being curious about the messages they hold. 

  • to know you are worthy just as you are and feel comfortable and confident to implement personal boundaries. 

  • to feel a deep sense of connection to your body, your inner wisdom, other people and to the universe. 

  • to have a toolbox of practices and strategies that you confidently use to support you to manage uncomfortable emotions and respond to distress in a healthy way. 

  • to dedicate time to doing things that you enjoy and know you deserve to experience joy and pleasure; you rest when you are tired. 

  • to be able to separate your true self from your inner critic and are able to recognise the false messages you have been taught. You are able to restructure the damaging beliefs and thoughts so you can move forwards into your true power. 

  • to dedicate some attention to food and your body in proportion to other areas of your life, leaving more space for fun, connection and self development. You move your body in a way that feels intuitive for you. 

  • to live your life with a general sense of peace, contentment and trust and fully inhabit your body.



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Over 16 weeks you will gain access to 32 video modules, two per week, you can take as long as you need on each one. Each module is between 15-30 minutes long and focuses around one or two topics of psycho nutritional education and embodiment as well as practical coping practises and strategies to gradually build up your tool box. There will also be an element of self discovery or self inquiry in these modules as well as guided meditations and somatic practises too. At the end of modules there may be a small action plan and some further resources if you would like to do further reading or exploration. 

We take a integrative approach in our work, so along the journey we guide you through a range of dietetic and therapeutic modalities including cognitive and behavioural, acceptance and commitment, inner child as well as somatic approaches to focus on four key areas; nourishing the body, feeding the spirit, welcoming the feelings and creating new patterns; because healing our relationship with food goes so much deeper than we often acknowledge. If you feel you need more indepth support along the program, I offer an add on of weekly reflections with a 30 minute consultation every week for 16 weeks.. 



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Week one

  • Let's begin

  • Nourishing the body: the healing threes

Week two

  • Hello triggers

  • Listening to the binge

Week three

  • Getting to know the inner team

  • Fight, flight and freezing 

Week four

  • Honouring mindfulness 

  • Feeding the spirit 

Week five

  • Hungry for change

  • Leaning into discomfort 

Week six

  • Lessons from the past

  • To weigh or not to weigh

Week seven

  • Feeling the feelings 

  • Bowels, bloating and intolerances 

Week eight

  • Living safely in the body

  • Review, reflect and relax

Week nine

  • Movement as an act of self connection

  • Managing stress

Week ten

  • Starvation and nourishment in life 

  • Dismantling diet culture

Week eleven

  • Creating new patterns 

  • Body functionality 

Week twelve

  • Releasing self judgement 

  • Review, reflect and relax

Week thirteen

  • Improving body perception

  • Greeting the inner child

Week fourteen

  • Facing the fears

  • Living in flow

Week fifteen

  • A lesson in literacy

  • The pain party

Week sixteen

  • Growth and gratitude 

  • Falling forwards 


You will gently be introduced to over 50 different tools, practices and strategies to support you to manage triggers, regulate emotions, reframe thoughts, reduce anxiety, uplift mood and release stress. These will all be easy to access in your very own online and downloadable toolbox. 


Your resource collection will be filled with E-books, interactive sheets, journal prompts, links, videos, articles, references, books, meditations and podcasts for you to explore as you move along your journey.


Ready to join? Please choose how you would like to pay. (You will be asked to sign up as a site member first, then simply return back here to select your plan using your new log in details. if you have trouble please watch this video to support you with the sign up process). Please get in touch to confirm I have availability for the "add on" dietetic support.